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Rear horizontal rail, for mounting backplanes, double screw fastening (EASY BP1)

To accommodate guide rails and for the attachment of backplanes
  • Pre-assembled screws M 4x12 for fast mounting on the subrack side panel
  • Due to integrated contact area, no need for insulating strips
  • Tapped holes M2.5 in 1 HP pitch pattern for mounting backplanes
  • HP pitch pattern of holes for the precise installation of guide rails
  • On request with double screw fastening to ensure a high stability
  • M4 thread on end face
  • S traight-through core hole for optional double screw fastening
  • Height of the profile allows cover extension


Width (HP)
Order No.
Width (HP)
Usable width 84 HP
3634615 Usable width 84 HP
We also develop on custom request!

Required Accessories

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