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Power supply boards 6 U / 6,5 U, 8 HP

  • Board 6 U/6.5 U, (0.5 U removable) 8 HP
  • For use in conjunction with HEITEC CPCI backplanes 3.5 U, 6.5 U, H.110
  • Accommodation of a power supply with up to 500 W
  • AC/DC connection is made via 3-pole connectors
  • Outgoing voltages to supply one or more CPCI backplanes are available at 3 ATX-compatible connectors or at special power terminals
  • Complies with PICMG 2.0, PICMG 2.11
Technical specifications:
Accommodation of a 6 U CPCI power supply of up to 500 W.
Input voltages:
  • AC input via 3-pole AMP Mate-N-Lock connector max. current capacity per pin 25 A
  • DC input via 3-pole AMP Mate-N-Lock connector Max. current capacity per pin 25 A
Output voltage:
  • Three 20-pole ATX-compatible connectors for ATX cable harness (connection of power supply board to CPCI backplane) and/or special power terminals
Material: Fibreglass epoxy to IEC 60 249 (FR4) Supply includes: Board, fully populated.
Note: Plug-type power supplies


Height (U)
Width (HP)
Height (U): 6 U / 6,5 U
Width (HP): 8 HP
Version: for 1 x plug-in power supply with Positronic plug 47 Pin
We also develop on custom request!

Required Accessories