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HeiPac Vario-A CPCI-S

5 SLOT CompactPCI® SERIAL platform FOR 3 U modules
Technical Summary
  • Subrack 250 mm deep
  • 4 U subrack with 3 U card cage
  • Clear-chromated aluminum
  • Incl. power supply and axial fan – cooling from bottom to top
  • Codable card guides
  • 5-slot CompactPCI® serial backplane as per PICMG CPCI-S.0 R2.0
  • Ethernet in Single Star topology
  • Alternatively, Ethernet Full Mesh option
  • 2 Fat Pipes PCIexpress
  • CompactPCI® serial system slot on the right
  • Alternative system slot possible on the left, RTM upon request
  • Scalable: project-related up to 8 slot CompactPCI® serial or hybrid backplane can be integrated
  • Optional fanless usage (convection cooling)
  • ATX power supply 100-240VAC with 204 W at 12 V
  • Scalable: project-specific power supply, solutions with up to 2 plug-in redundant CompactPCI® serial power supplies possible
  • Corresponds to IEC 60297-3-101, 102, 103 and IEEE 1101.1/10/11
  • Completely mounted, prewired and tested
  • EMC version


Height (U)
Width (HP)
Side panel depth
Case version
Order No.
Height (U)
Width (HP)
Side panel depth
Case version
4 U
42 HP
250 mm
with 3U PCB basket
rack case
Height (U): 4 U
Width (HP): 42 HP
Side panel depth: 250 mm
Version: with 3U PCB basket
Case version: rack case
We also develop on custom request!

Required Accessories